Asian Stereotype

Rainier Balboa

Professor Daneen Bergland

Pop Culture

01 June 2014


Asian Stereotype

Asian, one of the first things that comes to mind might be “oh, Asian can’t drive,” or “look at those Asian dancers over there.” These are just some common saying on how the general public view a specify ethnicity such as Asian. Why does everyone say so many negative things about the Asian Culture? It’s because the Asian background have this high level of willpower on certain areas, when we are portrayed in the media everyone assume that every Asian is good at math or studying medicine because that how we are being portrayed into our society.

One problematic Asian stereotype is that Asian cannot drive ( We hear from time to time Asians can’t drive because they are always in the fast lane but driving slow and cause problems for other drives. Yet they complain that other people around them say “this people can’t drive and are dangerous to others.” For example, this was one of the reasons why my mother was so hesitant for me to get my driver’s license at the age of 16. Being the typical parent my mother can be she would go above and beyond to give me any reason why I couldn’t go out driving in order for me to stay home and not drive.

In addition to the common assumption that all Asians drive carefully or slowly in the fast lane, another stereotype is they also leave their blinker on for 2 miles or so without realizing that their blinker is on. Causing problems for others when they see a car with the left or right blinker on but they never turn until 2 or 3 miles down the road. They can be harmful to others because the cars behind that person with that blinker on is going to stay behind that person until they turn but never does causing congestion behind them and making other drivers upset and can cause accidents. For example, ( With this meme, this picture give an actually portrayal rather than what happen in real life. With that being said, having an accident with an Asian driver is one of the many things people don’t like, reason being if Asian driver is in accident they will not or try to attempt to speak little or no English causing frustration with other drivers to get upset with them while trying to exchange information for accident report. However these accusations are not true because, Asian driver aren’t the causing the accident. What are causing accidents in the United State are the people who are inexperience or drunk driving. Those claim are the main cause of accident on the road these day.

Furthermore, I represent this portrayal sometimes because I do in fact drive carefully [slowly] in the fast lane at times and other times I drive really fast. I usually get the typical stereotype from my friends saying, “Oh, you can’t drive,” or “you drive really fast!” One artifact that influenced me is the video of this Asian guy that gets in this car and puts the car in neutral and start to rev up and the girl in the passage seats next to him asked him what he was doing. Then he awkwardly put the car in drive and pulls away. One thing that I discovered is that what he does is really true because when I first started to drive I would always rev up my car in front of my friends show off my car.

Dancing is a big part of the Asian community; it brings together friends and shows other what they can’t express with word. In this video (, the couple is portrayed from the beginning in the relationship then is struggling with the internal problem that they are having. This is shown through the different phases throughout the video. In the beginning of the video, the couple meets at a party and throughout the scene they had that spark of interest in them following them out of the room into the next scene called the “the honeymoon scene.”

In this scene, the couples are doing what any ordinary couple would do go on dates, and have fun spending time together. At this point, they are dancing together out in the park, showing their new young love of each other and demonstrate that through the different movements ending up with that first kiss. Moving throughout the video, the couple are still dancing and showing the reality, the inevitable disagreements, fights, and pain. But through it all persistence keeps the bond between each other strong.

I’m represented in this artifact because I always look at chorography videos on YouTube of couples dancing and one stereotype of Asian is that they are goo dancers. One thing that reflects back on me is that I always get asked by my parents or uncles and aunties is if I dance. I would usually reply back with “no auntie, no uncle.” What question that I always asked myself is, “why do Asian-American love to dance so much?” to answer that I had to go into the comment and description of the video “Sweater Weather- Choreo by Julie Zhan & Can Nguyen.” What Julie write in her description is that, she “…wanted to explore something a bit less literal and a just a tad experimental.” One thing that popped in my head is, she wanted to try something new and also express the ways she feels about being in a relationship and the show through her dance the ups and down of a relation. One problem that I see is that there are too many Asian-American dancers and I agree that there are way too many.  Some examples to follow are:

Finally, talent is another stereotype that is portraying Asian because; we are simply all good at talent. Wong Fu Production is a group of guys that set out to create short video and clips about life or just making video to laugh as such as: (, This video talks about how two couple are in a fight and how they want to make up but in the end they cause more problem towards one another. This video is funny but also give a sense to the viewers about relationship. Another video is called “She Has a Boyfriend,” (, in this video, we have a young man meeting a nice young women that he is very attracted to but only to find out that she has a boyfriend. This video is very entertaining but always gives views about how a typical guy wondering on how to get a girlfriend. Wong Fu video can be very entraining but also they can give a message towards the viewers and giving a different look or aspect to that one specific area.

Growing up within an Asian house hold I was expected to have a great job, earn a lot of money, and send money back home to my country. We all have a culture value that we all look at because of what we were taught growing up. Go to school, get a good job and take care of the family. The on value that our parent didn’t recognize that we all have hidden talent within us, either it’s through driving really fast on the freeway trying not to crash or dancing our heart and soul out on stage or even making funny video that we can enjoy with out friends. The word stereotype doesn’t hold us back about whom we are however we take that word and use it as a strength to achieve far better than what we are expected of. We are influential people, recognize our achievement not just portrayal.


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  1. I think your essay makes some good points, Rainier. I agree that pop culture and American media in general misrepresents this ethnicity. Not only this ethnicity, but a lot of other ethnic groups and cultures too.I’m not sure why these stereotypes and misrepresentations exist. Perhaps it’s for comedic value in a lot of the media that is out there. It could be just overall ethnocentrism with American media, if it’s not something that’s ‘American’ in the media’s eyes it’s not as valued and the media may try to poke fun at it. Not a part of pop culture I value. I thought you did a good job with these portrayals. I did notice a few typos, you might give it another quick edit before handing in your portfolio.

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