Twenty-year-old females portrayed in the media

Hannah Maculsay

Twenty-year-old females portrayed in the media

December 2nd 2014


How Twenty-year-old females are portrayed in the media

Social media became a big part of civilization as early as the two thousands. With the rise of upcoming social medias, places, new technology, Popular Culture has transformed a lot through twenty-year-old females. As many people between the ages of ten through middle aged, social media is a huge necessity that is apart of everyday life. Twenty-year-old females go though the struggles of finding that they are and mostly expressing themselves in so many different ways. In previous generations twenty-year-old females would not worry about the constant insecurity of how well dressed or how thin they need to be. It seems as if there is only one thing on a young woman’s mind; which is too protect their image as much as they can. It is extremely important to see how twenty-year-old females are viewed in popular culture.

Cailin Russo is a phenomenal twenty-year-old female model that plays Justin Bieber’s girlfriend in his music video called, “All that matters”. By having the main role in this music video, her modeling career skyrocketed and is now one of the top young female models in the world. The music video gives a sexual connotation to further understand he relationship between the pair. Justin Bieber and Cailin Russo exchange lips throughout the video which made all of Bieber fans wondering, who is the new girl he is dating? With that being said, music videos have been around as early as the 80s. Music Videos that talk about dating, love, or even sexual preferences, often portrays a fantasy love life that most young twenty-year-old girls thrive on. When in reality, Justin and Cailin convey that it is easy to be in a relationship with another person. The video has mood lighting to show the romantics between the two, however if the video color scheme wasn’t blue and red, the video can show the realism that the couple stages. Cailin has blonde hair with green eyes and since she models, she has the slim figure all girls want. Other females who watch this video look up to her because she shows that this is what Justin wants in a girl. The camera angles that are used show close ups of the bottom half of her body. She portrays that this is the way one has to look in order to fulfill Justin Bieber’s needs. The entertainment channel, “E!” gives all the hot gossip on what is going on in all celebrities. As soon as the news is posted on the “E” website, Cailin and Justin’s popularity rating went up. This video was a hit for a month and made twenty year old woman really think about their image and what is important to show off. Most women can agree that music videos interpret things that are not realistic.

Instagram came out in 2010 and is an apple application for people to post pictures for Instagram viewers to “like” their photos. Twenty-year-old female, Jen Selter has nearly one million followers on Instagram due to her derriere. Her Instagram mainly attracts males because of her workout pictures. It is inevitable that men thrive on her Instagram because of her undeniable physique, however females her age look up to her because she models that working out at this day and age is ideal for a twenty year old. There are many controversies over her Instagram because some argue whether it is inappropriate or some viewers are offended. Her point is to make it clear that she works really hard for her body and that it is healthy. It would be a more positive influence on twenty-year-old females if she posted more on how to eat healthy foods, rather than just show off her body and take provocative. That is what makes young females get the ideal look t Instagram and when you have someone posting pictures on how a female should look like, it can be disheartening to some, or inspirational.

There are numerous magazines to promote the latest trends all around the world. Teen Vogue is an amazing fashion magazine to give young adults ideas of different styles that are being worn right that minute. Throughout the last part of the magazine are models posing in different outfits to promote all kinds of designers. Yes, there is such diversity within the race of the models, however seeing plus size models seems very limited. By understanding that designers only create a certain amount of sizes, it can really create image issues for young adults by only seeing that there is one body type in order to fit these trendy outfits. Teen Vogue magazine provides beauty tips, health talk, and personal stories told by individuals around the world. This magazine has had numerous impacts around the world, but something to improve on would definitely be finding more body type models. However, a magazine that shows all body types is called, “Seventeen” magazine. The magazine always had fun colors to attract the readers and for seventeen year old woman to build a trusting relationship with the magazine. There are all kinds of fashion magazines, but there aren’t all types of body types that are modeled in the magazine.

I am truly grateful that I didn’t grow up on the idea of caring what other people think of me. I am a twenty-year-old female and looking at what children have to grow up with now really makes me think how we can change our popular culture back to how it used to be. For an example, what ever happened to playing outside and using your imagination? Instead young adolescents are worried about the next Instagram they should post to see what can get a lot of likes, or how thin they want to look for a celebrity, and how trendy they want to dress in order to impress their figures. It is always an instinct to follow the trends and to be in good shape, but caring about body image can put so much stress on the human body. I am very fortunate of what I have surrounded myself with and hopefully in the future twenty-year-old females can improve the impact we are making today.




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8 thoughts on “Twenty-year-old females portrayed in the media

  1. Before reading this essay, I saw your title and thought to myself, well since I am 20 this must apply to me. Surely enough you listed many of the ways that 20 year old females are portrayed in our pop culture and can I just say it is a really scary newsflash! I didn’t realize at how in certain music videos the camera angles are mainly looking at the woman’s body. I thought that was a great source that you chose of Justin beibers music video. I looked at my stomach a couple times because of how they were shooting the camera on the girls stomach made me feel insecure. I find it very important that you brought up the seriousness of this issue in society. I have done some modeling before and you are right in saying that there are VERY few plus models in our pop culture.

    • I completely agree, I mean I am only 19, but I still feel like a ton of this applies to me. I have the same feeling of insecurity due to images that media portrays, I’m sure the majority of women our age feel the same way. I also agree that the Justin briber music video was a great artifact to use in this paper.

  2. Do you really think in past generations females didn’t worry about what they looked like? The statement in the beginning paragraph interests me. Yes, I agree that sometimes us 20 year olds aren’t portrayed the right way, or we are pressured to look and feel a certain way. But I think there has always been that pressure. If you think about it, before the internet and phone apps, there was still television and movies. Girls were portrayed in specific ways during 80 and 90s films. The movies would pressure girls to look and act certain ways in my opinion.

    • In regards to your question, I do think past generations did worry a ton about their looks in the past. There were so many ads back then that kept on advertising for new products to improve your looks and attractiveness. Many past women cared so much about their looks and tried to always look their best in front of others. Though its true that ideas of attractiveness and what makes a women pretty has changed over the years compared to the past. But you can’t deny that women in the past didn’t care about their looks.

  3. Dear Hannah,
    After i read your essay. I must to say you have done a great job, and it is very impressed for me with your final essay. As what i wrote in your peer review. Your introduction was very great. Moreover, the sources which you used for the finally essay are very helpful for the reader. So the reader easy understand how the ways that 20 year old females are portrayed in pop culture. Overall, it is a great final essay. Thanks for sharing!!
    Han Ly

  4. Hi Hannah Maculsay,

    As soon as I began reading your essay, I completely understood some of the main points you were talking about and could relate to you. Being a 20 year old female myself, I can clearly see how the media changing and morphing the ways younger females are seeing themselves and what they’re trying to become. All around me, I keep seeing the younger generation being completely obsessed with their looks and trying to copy and become like the famous people in social media; all pretty and skinny females. And personally I think that sort of sucks, because I too grew up not caring about my looks and trying to copy all the famous people. And because of that, it helped make me more confident in who I am and what I look like. It sucks how the media has changed and influenced the other young females in trying to look like something they aren’t. I also really like your usage of instagram too, because thats an app I occasionally use as well. In the past I liked going on instagram to look at pics and keep up with my friends, but nowsdays all I see on instagram are people only putting up pics to gain a lot of followers and likes on all of their pics.

  5. Hey Hannah,
    Great job on your essay, Like others have mentioned, I read your title and was instantly drawn to it because I am a 20 year old female. I was really curious about how young adults were portrayed because I feel like based off of the media I often read or watch, these age group is portrayed as acting much older than they really are. I really enjoyed how you deeply explained each artifact. By doing this, your argument was very strong and enhanced. Great job in using sources that were young and relate able, often times, I forget that instagram can be a great app/website to use as media examples. It’s kind of sad that today, young adults are overly sexualized and judged mainly on their appearance. After reading your essay, I kind of wanted a little bit more of included information about yourself to make it feel a bit more personal.

  6. Hannah,
    Your final essay improved so much from the first draft! Well done! Your identity you chose is a great one for all women to relate to. I feel like in previous decades the age in which they focused on female’s images have varied. I do feel in our time, our twenties are really the age we seem to be highlighting the most. I feel as if the media focuses more on younger celebrities and judging them in their every day lives. I feel like we also judge each other on social media because we feel like at this age our lives need to look and be the coolest, when really we shouldn’t be focusing on any of that. The image the media also thinks we should be at our age is very warped. Anyway, great job on your essay!

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