Crazy Cat Ladies Unite

Crazy Cat Ladies

Hayley Merrick

Popular Culture

Many movies, television shows, and different sources of medias have stereotypes that they like to play with over and over again. One of them that has always appeared but has made a comeback recently is that cat lady character. You know, the one that lives with 20 cats, is single, and the weird character? These cat ladies are everywhere; movie, tv, tumblr, any media source you can think of. But why are they always known as the lady who ends up single and is always really weird? As a cat lady myself, it’s hard to think that I will end up alone one day, just because I really like cats. By looking at Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and myself, I will analyze the cat lady and remind our world that it is a good thing to be a cat lady!

Taylor Swift, one of the most famous people in this day and age. She sings songs, lives a glamorous life, and dates men. She is known for having quite the dating life, dating everyone from John Mayer to Harry Styles. But when she said that she was going to take sometime for herself, and focus on her music, people started calling her a “emotionally, unstable cat lady”.


Why the need for calling her a cat lady?

Some people find is unusual that she brings her cat with her places, because traditionally cats stay at home during the day. But do we find is weird when people bring their dogs with them to stores and places? We don’t, and the fact that people are calling her a cat lady because of it is ridiculous.

Katy Perry is another pop star that has used the term cat lady to her advantage, since people were calling her that anyways. The star, who has multiple cats and one of them is named Kitty Purry, shares her love of cats, and wears it too! She has worn many outfits during her shows that are inspired by cats and even has her mascot as a giant purple cat. She has even taken her cat on tour with her before.

But why is being a cat lady such a bad thing afterall? Katy is looked at as weird and crazy. Her love of cats is used a way to call her such things. Even though she has a strong love of animals, I hardly think it is fair to call her a crazy cat lady!

When googling cat ladies, I found an interesting occurrence. When I put in “Katy Perry Cat Lady”, it came up with many articles like The Coolest Celebrity Cat Ladies and Famous Cat Ladies. But when I searched Taylor Swift Cat Lady, the ones that popped up were much more negative, like “Abigail Disses Taylor: She’s Unstable or Taylor Swift Becomes Crazy Cat Lady. I find it interesting that even in the cat lady world, there are different degrees of cat lady and apparently some are more socially acceptable than others.

I have a hard time calling myself a cat lady, just because I have a strong love of cats doesn’t make me crazy. I have always loved the felines, ever since I can remember. In 5th grade, I remember being told I was weird for liking cats, because dogs are so much better. I have always loves the companionship of cats (mines is laying across my keyboard right now) and their purring is so soothing to me. My friends always call me a cat lady. I admittedly stay home with my cat some nights instead of going out, but why is that weird? All of my single friends say to me: Lets just be crazy cat ladies together, shall we? But I want a family, a husband and kids, and I want cats. Why can’t we synchronize the two options. Why must the cat lady always be single?

When an E Harmony video went viral on the internet and people watched this lady start to cry about cats, people started identifying the crazy cat lady as the one who is not emotionally stable. This video, which is a fake one, shows a lady start to cry after thinking about how much she loves cats. This love of cats overwhelms her and she looses focus of internet dating and switches to cats. This video is the pinnacle of how people view crazy cat ladies; as emotionally unavailable women who start to cry about their cats because they love them so much. Society takes this video as a way to show how not to be; no one wants to be home alone crying instead of on a date.

Part of the problem that we have with the cat lady stereotype is that we look at strong, independent women who chose to have a career as weird. These women should be praised instead of belittled. So what I’ve got a cat at home but not a boyfriend? Ain’t nobody got time for a boyfriend, I say. We need to lift this weird expectation that women need to have a husband to be normal when that isn’t true.

Another thing society needs to take a look at is how we compare dog ownership to cat ownership. People who own dogs are known as outgoing, fun, loving people. While instead, people who cats are known as quiet, inbred people. Why is there a difference in which pet you own? It just doesn’t make sense to me why we can’t have a fun person who owns a cat or a quiet person who owns a dog.

While society sees us cat ladies as the outsiders who need to get a life, I would say we are the ones who just love a little too much and can’t get enough of the furry felines. Cats are a great companion, especially people who don’t necessarily have time to take care of a more active animal, like a dog. As media likes to put out that cat ladies are crazy and like to hoard cats, I would rather see us portrayed as normal animal lovers who just really like cats! It’s okay to have an intense love for football, or tacos, but why should loving cats be any different?


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2 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Ladies Unite

  1. This was an awesome essay. You took a lot of time to write an essay about such a true topic. I enjoy how there really much scientific ideas in the essay. Its all true stereotypes. I totally agree as well. Why does cat lady go with single?! It doesn’t even make sense. No one says it about dogs, why cats. It seems like dogs keep better company then cats so why would a single women want a cat anyway. The idea is crazy but super awesome. I loved your essay.

  2. Hey Hayley! I loved reading your essay. I too have a love for cats. My boyfriend and I have two. He loves cats too! All the stereotypes you talk about are so true. I am called a crazy cat lady all the time because I talk to them weird but it is just me and It doesn’t mean I will end up single. These stereotypes are ridiculous and I don’t understand it,e specially when no one says it about any other animals. Great paper!

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