Muslims Stereotypes

Muslims Stereotypes

The word stereotype is be used to mean a thought that can be adopted for a particular type of individuals or a given way of doing things. The thoughts may or may not at some point accurately reflect the reality on the ground. There are various stereotyped perspectives about the Muslims in the world today. Most of the beliefs that people have today about the Muslims today include terrorism that is done by the name of Islam and wealth due to the the huge amount of oil in some of muslims countries.

In most of the Western families, Muslims are seen to be of bad influence and are associated with evil motives as violence and general crime making American parents discourage their children from socializing with Muslim children. In a movie named Mooz-Ium, it is evident that a non-Muslim kid is not supposed to talk to Muslim kids (Mooz-lum, 2010). The main reason for this occurrence is because; her parents have told the young girl that Muslims are not good people for mutual interaction.

In another movie called the Syriana, there are characters that are fundamentally Muslims, and they are portrayed as terrorists and it also has an Arab mercenary in it and don’t care about earth and people on it. The movie tried to show how the principal of geopolitics is complex in nature and demonstrated how the people from the West employ their military and technical powers in handling those people who are thought to be Muslims instead of applying justice to them just because they are terrorists (Syriana, 2005). The movie makes it very accurate in how it showcases the different ethnicities in the Muslim families and tries to differentiate between the Arabs who own money and the Pakistani who bomb. Despite the differences shown, the westerners still see the Muslims as bad guys (Syriana, 2005).

In most of the American movies and TV, most Muslims are portrayed as bombers, belly dancers or mostly Billionaires. Again in these movies, most of the Muslim men are portrayed as terrorist and healthy oilmen as various ladies are portrayed as sex slaves. Reports have mentioned that even in cartoon production industry, most of the cartoons are seen to be insulting to the Muslim community as they show how the involved parties interact and are affected by stereotypes at different points in their lives. These are all stereotypes associated with Muslims and not the real character of the religion (Morey & Yaqin, 2011).

The stereotypes do not only bring about psychological problems to the Muslims but also helps in feeding into actions that are physically harmful by dehumanizing of a given group first before attacking it. After the attack on 11 September, most of the Arab-American actors have found themselves having more likely to be typecasted as terrorists while in the real sense they are not terrorists.

The teachings of the Muslims show that, there are groups of Muslims who are fanatics and are seen to believe in a different god apart from the one that the real Muslims know. In their religion, they do not in any way value human lives as much as the real Muslims do. Followers of the real Muslim religion have been quoted saying that the Arab Muslims are intended for destroying the reputation of the real Muslim religion through their oil and with terrorism. The men in this religion usually try not to give women their rights, which is against the teachings of the Muslims, and most people in the world see them as real Muslims and relate their behaviors with the religion.


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