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My goals in taking this course have changed dramatically throughout the term. I came across this course because it was suggested to me by a friend and later on by my advisor. Admittedly I was hesitant to take the course at first and quite frankly intimidated by the subject matter for I have never taken a similar course in my entire academic career. I was born and raised in a society that had never brought popular culture into schooling or academic institution. Not only did the subject of the course feeling intimidating, but also the fact that it was online. This course was my first experience with an online course and it was new. But thankfully I managed to improve on navigating though the website and utilizing the checklist option to organize my time. I remember on the first day of the course looking up what the word Popular Culture meant. I found a vague and broad definition that only brought me more concern. As the course progressed I realized the beauty of the subject was hidden in its ironically broad yet simple meaning, pop culture is movie, its books, its Facebook and YouTube. Without realizing it I have been emerged in this discipline. As the term progressed my goals began to shift from just passing by unnoticed and unscarred and I became genuinely interested in the material at hand. It was about a quarter thought the term is when I began to get familiar with the technology required for the course and the overall expectations from the participating students and I began to relax and take the information in with relative ease. Once I became accustom to the ways of the course my goals became clear, I wanted to truly improve my writing skills and develop a more proper way of communication.

A role in which I improved on and gained a profound understanding in would be an analyzer, in week nine we were talking about analyzing advertisements and ways to look deeper into what was presented to the viewer or desired customer. We were asked to analyze an Adiddas commercial, which I found fun and interesting, was posted and we were asked to make certain “moves” to analyze it. Below is my comment for that weeks lecture:


The ad includes many scenes with many details; the details that spoke to me most were the subtle details of the clothes or lighting but rather in the blatantly obvious things that are in the video. The video features several factors to paint their mental image of “originality” in the minds of buyers (us). For example, the music played throughout the video is Beggin’ which was originally preformed by a band named “the four seasons” in 1964. The song was remade many times but most notoriously the hip-hop band Madcon remade it in the year 2007. Adiddas uses this song to bring the old-school feel of the 1967 version and to incorporate the newer hip version preformed in 2007. Adiddas used this song to give a sense of seniority over younger and perhaps rip-off companies that may be rivals. The add uses a mixture of old-school music and modern day looks to give off an aroma that subjects their superior class over other companies.”


In the 9th week course I saw myself getting into the subject and working hard and trying to meet the goals and properly accomplish the “moves” appropriately, not only to get the grade but also because I was genuinely interested in the matter of advertisement and analyzing and I realized I enjoyed it.


My role as a analyzer improved throughout the progression of this course as well as my role of a researcher. For the mirror blog essay analyzed and looked as myself to find defining adjectives about myself to write and essay about. After picking the subject of male college students I began researching artifacts from popular culture that portrayed Male College students. For the purpose of making my paper interesting I decided to pick movies that would give rise to interesting matters about male college students.




“ The film “A beautiful mind” is a movie based on the story of a young prodigy named John Nash who attended Princeton University on a mathematics scholarship in the year 1947. The movie is about Nash’s journey through college life and the struggles he faces while suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, a mental illness that has many effects on the mind such as frequent episode of hallucinations, paranoia and anxiety. The purpose of the movie is to tell the story of this genius man as a college student and to show the amount of a burden stress and academic pressure can have on even the most intellectual individuals, many claim that the strain and difficulties Nash faced were components that contributed to his mental illness. The audience for this movie is broad because the story is well appreciated amongst many ages and cultures, but I believe the intended audience leans toward younger individuals (between the ages of 20-30) who are in the prime of their academic pilgrimage. The film had its premier on the13th of December in the year 2001. The movie was first showed in Beverly Hills, California and went public January 4th of the following year. “

Before this course my research background consisted of scientific matters alone. This paragraph from my mirror essay shows the role of researcher, although it might not be the most outstanding part of the essay It was a personal accomplishment for me to be able to do something that was once so out of my element. From this course I learned how to remove myself from my comfort zone and venture into new academic territories.


In this course I advanced in writing, which will without a doubt be applied, positively to future academic and professional endeavors. Thought this course I expanded my writing experience from what I have become accustomed to. By reading different styles of writing and analyzing each piece I gained some insight into the world of possibilities that come with each new style of literature. This will indubitably be useful in further learning whether in an academic sense or for personal growth.




Adam M Al-Holail