I initially chose this class due to convince. This term I had a very busy schedule and fitting another class would have been very difficult. Whereas an online class was easier to fit in. Out of the three available classes I chose this one for two reasons. First a student recommended it, and second I was actually interested what popular culture class was about. My goals for this class were to keep up with the homework and get everything turned in on time. I am sad to say that I didn’t do a very good job on getting my work done. The main reason was we had different parts of our assignment due on different times of the week. Unfortunately I do not have that much time on my hands. Resulting in me having to do all the work for this class on one day, usually Friday. Going into the class I didn’t know what to expect. Other than the occasional media I didn’t have any popular culture experience and this class really showed me exactly what goes into popular culture and the importance of understanding it. My strengths in this term included weekly blog and responses. I feel that I spent a good portion of my time writing the blog posts, because they were actually interesting to write. I really liked reading peoples responses, many students had really good stuff to say. That is why responding was good, my fellow colleagues showed me a view that I hadn’t considered. Overall I got a lot more out of this class then I thought I would initially get.

I gained an understanding as a reviewer and researcher. Every week we had to respond to posts. With this we review other’s work and tell them our input about the work. I realized at first a lot of responses consisted of simple I like your posts. Then it became a lot more on the line of constructive criticism. Personally I found the responses given to me very helpful. A lot of students brought up great ideas and thought that I never considered. For example growing up in a christen community some things are considered unethical. Some of my posts were driven with this mindset. A student wrote this informative peer review to me. “I liked reading your paper, it was one of those things that’s kind of blatantly open and in your face but that I have never really thought about so I’m glad you addressed it. The first thing I would suggest is for you to read this to yourself out loud, that always seems to help find grammatical errors and run on sentences which I think needed some work. Also, while I understand why you say the comment about everyone liking vodka, I would suggest either finding a way to make it more relevant or to completely nix it because it doesn’t have anything to do with your thesis. Also I didn’t hear much about the “vise versa” that you mentioned at the beginning, so you could add more information on that or just take out that part at the begging.” Alissa Azar, brought up good points that resulted in me changing my essay a little. It was brought to my attention that it is also important to see both sides even if you don’t agree. With the Mirror Blog Post that we did required us to do some research. I have done a limited amount of essays in which I had to completely figure out what to write about. I am used to instructors telling me exactly what to research and what information they want from us. The issue that I have with an essay of this style is I find myself going back and forth and changing my topic multiple times. This makes the writing proses very long and results in me having to make a last minute decision and writing a last minute essay. So overall my research skills have improved.

The biggest thing that I will be able to take from this class is analyzing popular culture. Though out this term we read that popular culture does not portray very many things correctly. Popular culture likes to bring things to the extreme. The ability to see those things and see the reality of it is good to have. I actually really got into the news and reading articles, for the sole purpose of seeing what kind of crap people can come up with to get our attention as consumers. Also the instructor gave up a checklist every week on the items that had to be done. I really liked that idea and I think I will use it in my future class work to keep myself organized.

Andrey Grigoryev

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