My initial learning goals for this course was to learn how to communicate with classmates via online and to improve my writing and reading skills. Also, another reason was to learn online techniques both for this class and for future courses so that I could fluently use those techniques to communicate with others. For the first three week was pretty difficult to me especially when I was facing online techniques issues, but hopefully I met the professor and our mentor so that I could finish my work. It was a challenge for me when I was making comments on others and analyzing the information from news or advertisements. I didn’t have many experiences on giving comments to other people especially online, but after this class I learned how to leave comments on others and including my opinion on it. For example, I left a comment on week 7: Identifying, Evaluating, and Analyzing Sources.

” Move2: After watching this advertisement I found that they used lots of dark colors instead of using bright primary colors. It makes me think that the purpose of this advertisement is not focus on call my attention to buy this pair of shoes instead is more about introducing the brand and what they are celebrate and how they enjoy this pair of shoes. Also, this advertisement showed lots of wonderful smiles and happiness and what I really like is how they portray freedom. No matter what kind of identities do the people have and no matter where the people are come from, they just have one purpose which is to enjoy the party and have a great time with this pair of shoes. Personally, I like the way they portray their brand and I hope to see more interesting stuff next time.

Move 3:
Pattern1: Freedom
Pattern2: Brands
Pattern3: Smiling faces

Personally, I see the most patterns is freedom. At the beginning of the advertisement two men riding skateboard along the empty street on night. Empty and night gives me a connection of freedom which is mean that no worries about what others people say or think about you just enjoy the time. After that, during the party many people was dancing, laughing, playing games, talking and painting freely on the wall. All these events happened on night and watching their movements and dancing with those pair of shoes it makes me think how do your shoes make you feel. By including all these elements it makes think about freedom.”

Another example was a comment from week 4: The Influence of Advertising.”Prompt 2: I think advertisements contribute gender equality to our culture. Man and Women are portrayed in advertisements and it can attract both women and man audience. Gender and culture always have a close relationship between each other, men is always dominate women so in many people’s view about women might be uneducated, weak, childish and so on. Now, the society is changing and the gender inequality between man and women is getting better. Through advertisements influence people’s views about women and I think this will change the culture. I really like the advertisement that is produced by PANTENE, and I think is target to the women audience. This advertisement is comparing between man and women Culture always present girls as they “can’t” because they are girls when the time past this will influence their self-confidence. Although, they have the ability to do the things that they believe and they can do because of the culture it might limited them to do it. The way that the advertisement present is by first asking “Why women always apologizing” then the advertisement show “Don’t be sorry and be strong and shine” finally women say “Sorry, not sorry.””

I learned how to make a post and analyze a post. It helps me improve my personal judgments and change my view on not include cognitive bias.On the other hand, I chose a role that I improved was a reviewer. I learned a lot from other classmates post and comments. For example: I got helpful comments on week 4 and 5 workshop from my group member in group discussion. From Penny Keough comment was ” I think using TV shows as your primary source will be most helpful. This is because when I think of immigration, I think of a better living, and I developed this perception primarily from TV shows. One TV show that is airing now is called “Fresh Off The Boat”. I feel that Americanized is highly associated with immigration. Also, I tend to stereotype immigrants, them being primarily Mexicans and Asians. However, there are other races but maybe you could research why certain races are associated with immigrants.” With the help of my group members I got many new ideas and I finished my Mirror Blog Post on time. In the past I didn’t think that a group is important and I didn’t think that my group members could give me many great ideas and good comments.

I really learned a lot from this class and classmates. Now, I have a new understanding about media and this class had improved my judgment skills and have a good understanding on how to leave comments on others. Also, now I know how important and effective is the group discussions. Having a group and communicating and making comments respectively on others can improve personal work. With these skills that I learned from the class I become more confident on my future courses both online and face to face. I will apply online techniques on others online classes and will have the confident of using those skills easily. Moreover, I will apply my analyze skills and judgment skills through media, life and other business courses. I will try to not having cognitive bias when I will make decision on something. All in all, I had a great time with this class and I gain many confidence by leaving comments on others and gaining online skills so that I can be more comfortable with online classes. Thank you class!