Chinese Students Studying in the United Sates

Many students studying American for many reason. For media interviews of Chinese students why they would like to study in America, because they do not want to take national college entrance exam in Chinese education. The media portrays Chinese students living in the United States in a manner that doesn’t benefit the people who don’t fit in those stereotypes. The interviews that I found that talk about why Chinese students prefer to take classes in the United States because they receive a higher education.


The first artifact I analyzed is a video, which is from CNBC called “ why Chinese Students Wants US Collage Degrees” Basically say, the creator of this video want to indicate one clear point of view which is the high quality education of American college attract the Chinese students to study in this country. Most Chinese students in the US colleges will give the almost same feedback about this question, but not all of them. In fact, Chinese colleges also provide a high quality education; especially under the situation that China has a pretty high-leveled base-line population of college students. Also, the Chinese students who were issued the US college degrees won’t really have more chance to get employed after coming back to China, the employers in China still put their focus on the students’ level of knowledge and academic achievements, such like research or project achievements. What I can say is the requirements for getting the degree is not that hard compare to the US colleges, but the quality of education is still acceptable, lower degree requirements doesn’t mean lower quality education.

Obviously, the Chinese student who was interviewed in this video not really had a Chinese college academic learning experience, so I hardly think her viewpoint about Chinese low quality education could persuade me. I won’t say there is no commercial purpose in this interview video, but even there is, it only plays a tiny part of this media product. The video may attract more and more Chinese students who want to have a study abroad experience come to this country, and base on my experience so far it is a good thing to make it happen, all of these could be count as the positive lights of the influences, but also this video may cause the impression to Chinese parents that their own country’s college education is not reliable, they may start sending their kids to the US without even thinking if their children are really fit for the study abroad plan. The host should interview a few more Chinese students who have the different backgrounds, such like the students who had their under-graduation learning experience in China and graduation learning experience in US, or the students who get employed after coming back to China, without picking only one situation of this group. The views compared will have more persuasion to the audiences.


Another artifact that I found was this article from BBC news which is “ why so many Chinese students choose US universities” written by Sarah Svobada. The creator of this BBC online article wants to find out a reason to explain why there is so many Chinese students choose US universities. There is a lot of articles talk about this topic online, but this article is much different from the others. Without comparing and analyzing the university education between these two countries, this creator put his focus on Chinese students’ themselves and their families. The entry point of this article makes me feel factual and reminds me how did I choose the US University. I highly agree the standpoints of this article, especially the standpoint called “More Choice”. Chinese students now have a few different options after graduating from high school, making a study abroad plan is just one of them. There is a video and 5 images in this article set; most images are short cut of Chinese students in US College. Images just play an expression of those topics and I don’t think they impact the standpoints. The video is interesting, because base on their accent, readers will be informed that these college students are still having their college lives and their standpoints will be much more reliable. The creator expects the people who read this article understand those elements about Chinese students themselves and their families are the keys to making this choice of study abroad decision.


Last artifact I used to analyze is article from USA today called Learning across the world: “Chinese vs. US collage experience”. The first mentioned point is the communication between professors and students in college. I hardly agree the point that “In China, we don’t have syllabuses”, because Chinese college education is very similar to the college education system in the US. Students do have a clear plan about what they are going to learn during duration of time. Also, the methods college teachers using has been improved a lot. Base on my understanding, the main purpose of this article is against and criticism the Chinese college education, and a lot of them are not facts. The passive and untrue discussions make the influence of education has a lot of negative lights. Also, this article exaggerates the advantages of studying abroad. In fact, there are a lot challenges that Chinese students have to go trough during their US college lives. But one of the standpoints is really factual and it does affect a lot of Chinese students choose study abroad: Chinese students cannot choose they major they want to study after the college entrance exam. That’s also they reason why I choose to study in the US university.

In conclusion, media do not reflect same information in reality. Chinese students who study in America are study hard because they want to get higher education. This is a reason why I chose to studying in here. However, students who do not fit in those stereotypes, because they have other reason of study in America. Moreover, media and reality there are still gaps.


Learning moment

During this term of study, what I have learned from this project is that I start to attention the media and understand the meaning of stealth. More important is that I realize how good in an online community. I like the group community in this class, which I could share my thought in the community, and get suggestion from my classmate. That help me deeper comprehend of some question.



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