Big dreams, Latina stereotypes, Who we really are

Stereotypes Based on Famous Latinas

There are many influential Latinas in the entertainment business to start off with Selena (a famous singer known and loved). Another example, is Philly Brown (A girl who used her passion for singing to help her family get through tough times) , Gloria (A sexy milf who loves her family and is married to an older man), their is also, Consuela (A maid in a comedy tv show that loves to clean), and finally, Marisa Ventura from Maid in Manhattan (A maid who falls in love with a wealthy white man). All these Latinas are well known, although Selena is a real person and everyone else is fictional. These are some Latinas who represent the Latino community because they are famous and well known. In general Latinas hold a good record prioritizing family values, aspiring the American dream, following family traditions (musicians), and being hard workers.

A negative stereotype of Latinas is the assumption that they all have thick accents, work as maids, like to show cleavage, are liars, and have attitude.

To fight with these stereotypes here are examples of different Latinas:

Filly Brown
Filly brown, by Youssef Delara is a movie about a struggling Latina who turns to her passion of singing in order to to help her family. Her family is struggling because her mom is in jail and Filly has to take care of her dad and younger sister. In order to do so she works at her uncle’s tattoo shop until she gets this awesome opportunity when a music producer discovers her talent. In the movie “Timing is of the essence as she is hustling to raise money for what she thinks will be her mom’s ticket out of prison.” (Melanie Mendez-Gonzales. Movie review. Que means what).
The movie shows the struggle of the first generation Latinos, who become responsible of their siblings, and are  forced to mature faster than the rest. It continues by showing how hard Latina’s fight to help their family. It also shows how parents could also be struggling in addiction, and making the daughter/son be the grownup. There are times that I have felt this way and I have seen it in many Latino families. It’s not always the mom it could be the dad too putting a lot of responsibility on the first born since it is traditional to do so.
Something that I found revealing was how minorities especially most Latinas struggle with money, and family. Another thing that I noticed was how the first born has to take care of kids, and it’s hard to follow your dreams when your turn in between family and your passion. (Link shows The struggle for Filly, this song explains what she is going through).

This is the story of a famous singer named Selena who was one of the first Latinas to make it famous in Mexico and America. She was born in Texas and she had an American dream, to be a famous singer and to reach success in the English market . She succeeded but “The day her life was tragically cut short, Selena was expected at the studio to work on her first English-language album “Dreaming Of You.” “Only 4 of the 13 tracks envisioned for the album were recorded yet the record went multi-platinum when it was released posthumously. The album sold over 5 million copies and surpassed Mariah Carey’s sales records.” (Carolina Moreno. Huffington Post. reasons why Selena will never be forgotten).
She ended up being shot by her friend, Yolanda who was in charge of Selena’s fan club, causing many people to grieve for the young role model. Gregory Nava was asked by Selenas dad to make the movie about Selena, in order to keep her legacy going and in order to show Selena’s accomplishments. Many Latinas lookup to Selena since she was similar to the girl on the block. She never forgot her roots, she was down to earth, and she had a strict dad, big dreams, a boyfriend who her dad did not approve off and managed to achieve her lifelong goal. Details I noticed is that her dad passed down his talents to his daughter in hopes that she will become what he never could be. Another thing would be that she was the first Latina ever to become famous/well known in Mexico and America. I feel that parents usually do that to their kids. They have kids in order for them to keep their legacy going, dreams, hopes that they were not able to do. I also realized Latina’s don’t usually become famous in America and Mexico; so when that happens of course people are going to celebrate it’s a step closer to expanding our horizons.

Consuela is a maid in a popular tv show called Family Guy. She shows all the negative stereotypes of Latinas. She is a maid, she has an accent, she acts as if she is not smart, she is a liar, and Consuela tends to always clean wherever she goes. Consuela usually appears on episodes when someone needs cleaning, or on Valentines day when she crossed the border in a matrix manner in order to see her husband Juan. They were about to get intimate when Consuela tells him to wait while she freshens up by spraying herself with a cleaning product the famous “Lemon Pledge.” (Season 11 Episode 12; Valentine’s Day in Quahog). In the episode, “Dog Gone” 2009, Stewie loses $1,000 and asks Consuela if she took it. She admits she did and stewie demands her to give it back. She answers back saying “Come get me B—.” Family guy tries to show the bad stereotypes that are popular in people’s minds, Consuela makes Latinas seem like there only job is to be maids, that they are liars and are people who tend to steal from others. (Here is a link of Consuela showing these stereotypes).

In modern Family Gloria is a sexy Latina married to an old white man. She has an accent, loves family, and has a very spicy attitude. She has mixed stereotypes good and bad. It is good to be sexy but when people categorize certain Latinas as sexy vs not sexy it takes stereotypes to a whole different level. Gloria loves family and will do everything to help them be happy, which is a good stereotype for Latinas, family means everything. Gloria has an accent which may not be bad since that is who she is, even so not all Latinas have big accents all the time, people believe Latinas have accents every time that they talk and that is beyond true.

I have realized that Latina’s are shown as strong, poor, they tend to have dreams of a better life, have to take care of family,are taught of as maids, cooks, and house moms. This paper has taught me that Latina singers tend to become famous in order to help their family and to follow their dreams. I feel proud that Latina’s seen as fighters, and no matter what life throws their way they won’t give up. No matter what, minorities will always seem different than others and Popular culture made me realize this. My thesis is that people see famous Latina’s as what Latina’s are and they don’t know the truth about how one person is not the whole culture. My goal is to show people that it is not what it is about at all.

During the term the most significant learning moments for me was when we had a group chat in hangouts and give advice about our paper. Personally chatting and getting advice from others helped me a lot, for some reason the chat was erased but here is an example of another chat that helped me speak out and help others.

Me: “You could say a positive thing that you feel about being a photographer. For example creative, that’s a good stereotype right?”

Me: (Gave a link) “Not sure if this could help but I found it in the word press the title is Photographer stereotypes-a satire (some example)”


Another moment for me would be when I had to write answers to questions that where beyond my knowledge. For example:

In what ways have you participated in or learned about community this term, both in and out of this class?

A: Being able to give each other thoughts, feedback, and criticism. Working as a team for a desired goal (passing the class, learning about popular culture).  That’s what we have been doing I have been doing my part by participating in discussions and such. Out of class I learned about the school’s community, PSU students work together to graduate, help others, make others feel welcomed. We are a huge community of students at PSU not as close but certain parts of the community makes us feel welcomed for example, My sorority Kappa Delta Chi makes me feel welcomed.

Has your definition or understanding of community changed since the term started? Explain.

Yes it has, I believed community was people you where close to, family, a small town community, people who are united, same ethnicity. I just realized that there is way more like online communities, school communities, sorority communities, it doesn’t have to be the same race to be in a community.

Finally another big thing that helped me have a significant moment was during my teachers blog posts. She had asked us to analyze a news article and to find something about plagiarizing. take a look below

Newsworthy Criteria

Timeliness: Did the event just happen? A: No
Proximity: How close is the event, physically and psychologically? New York
Prominence: How many people have some knowledge of the person or event? Fox news, car companies like the Lambo’s
Significance: How many people will be affected? By how much? Not a lot just the company
Currency: Is the event part of an on-going issue? If not, should people know? Maybe
Controversy: Is there conflict or drama? Drama
Uniqueness: Is it a first, last, largest, least, best or worst? Large
Emotional Appeal: Is there humor, sadness or a thrill? Thrill
Here are some questions I ask when I’m analyzing whether a news story is newsworthy:
Does this information matter? Why? No, because politically it is not affecting the world, it’s effecting a company
Does it serve a “greater purpose” or is it just interesting, shocking, or entertaining? Entertaining
In what ways might this story influence the way I think, act, shop, or vote? I will definitely need to buy a Lambo later on
1. Mandatory Prompt: Find a news story (can be a video or print story, from TV, Internet, or paper). Use the “newsworthy” criteria

above (both the editors’ and mine) to analyze it. Give us a link to the story and tell us your findings. Why do you think the editors/producers chose it, and was the story covered really newsworthy? Why or why not?

Fast & The Furious: Detective agency posts $100,000 reward for missing Lamborghini. By: Fox News
The title is misleading Fast and the Furious when I clicked on it I thought It was going to be about The movie Fast and the Furious. Instead it was about a Lambo that got stolen and just disappeared sort of like Fast and the Furious on Oct 28. They claim whoever can find it will be rewarded $100,00. I think they choose to talk about this because people tend to love cars, especially fast cars so they also tend to post things people like beside the regular news. This news is not really affecting us politically, it only affects the company.

Find a source on the Internet related to plagiarism/copyright (video, article, blog post, etc.). Summarize it for the class.

I found this fun video about Plagiarism, Its a teacher rapping about it with his students. Writing verbatim and writing everything word from word is bad. And to be okay while writing a paper, cite it and acknowledge the author, citation style. Like the teacher says
“You’re only cheating yourself.” If you plagiarize. must watch video!

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  1. Laura,
    I thought that your article was interesting. I also think that the media portrays Hispanic women in an edgy and exotic aspect. You mentioned that they are often shown as having thick accents in television, which is definitely true.In many American films and media, we see the reoccurring storyline of the young latina growing up in a tough environment like in the movie “Girlfight” starring Michelle Rodriguez. I think that the media, in the near future, will try represent many groups of people in a more accurate way, because more people are starting to realize the inaccuracies that promoted by pop culture.

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