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Since the One-child policy came out, all family members in Chinese family paid their attention to the only child. A new hot key, “little emptier”, has been discussed in the recent days. This fact cause the new generation grew up under their parents or family members’ protection, and it cause some negative influence to their self-development. Recently, when I took this class and discussed about my own identity, I found the impact of this kind of education cause many impact to our generation, the problems maintain very obvious on Chinese international students. For this reason, I want to talk about how Chinese family education impacts the description about Chinese international students.


Chinese international students in media product

Self-supporting hard work student

Most local people have common impression about Chinese international students or even Asian international students are hard-working students. Although most of them lived in the “green house”, they have to give up enjoying their family’s protection and try to push themselves to realize how hard of the true life and get over it.


Long in Tencent 10 years advertisement

       In Tencent’s advisement, the main character, Long, is one of the students in that community. This generation was born at 1980s. The economic development in China was at the developing state. Some families can have just enough financial abilities to send their children to study abroad. When they were in homeland, they enjoy their parents’ protection. They can have whatever they want if they want. They do not need to worry about money. The only thing that they need to do is to get a good grade in exams. However, when they came to the United State, they got in a totally different life style. They generally felt helpless. No one would help them take care of their life requirement, and financial support has become a new problem. They have to use their limited practical ability to earn to living fee. They go through the hardest time of their life. At this moment, they just began to realize how was the real world looked like.

This kind of students mostly had an excellent family education background. The problem from their family education was just on the communicated method. “Some other cultures (e.g., Chinese and Japanese) are viewed as high-context and collectivistic, in which people tend to use implicit codes for communication, emphasize social harmony, and consider arguments potentially harmful to personal friendships …”(Lin, 2001). Asian people normally prefer to describe or explain their idea implicative, so it was hard for children to understand the meaning of every activity or action of their parents. This naturally gave children that information that “everything is necessary” or “life is very easy, we do not need to worry about it”. Compared the students who just came to foreign countries to study and the students who have gone through the horrible translation, we can easily found that Chinese family education really give some negative or incorrect guide for children so that make them have a distinct recognition of how to handle life problems.


Students from new age

       Chinese people would like to call the next generation of international students in China ‘students from new age’. This generation was born at 1990s to 2000s. As the development of economic in China has a stable growth, a part of Chinese became rich. “The foreign education is better” has gradually become a common sense around the social cycle. These families had three common characteristics: parents have low education, family members feel disappointed at Chinese university education, and family members easily went with the stream without their own consideration. They through capacity were everything. Therefore, this idea has also been translated to children. Then, spending money has become a natural activity in their daily life.


Famous meet-up at Southwest California

       The meet-up in southwest California is the excellent example. Those students who appeared at the video should post a photo of their super drive to a chatting group on a social network communicated app called WeChat to get the permission of the meet-up. The reason why they want to this permission is that they can keep showing up their new achievement or new target. They would like to own several cars for different goals. “One for school, one for party.” One student said at the video. The price of either of those ears was equal to four-year tuition of a normal university student. Moreover, they would pay a big price to dress up their lovely cars. However, in sum, I think all of them forget the goal that they need to provide on this foreign land.

I do not know if they are lack of family communication or they were educated on that way. However, I know these students casually spend money for enjoyment and entertainment without the consideration of others’ feeling. I think the only one reason that they want to do this is because they want to let people understand how rich they are to fulfill their self-satisfaction. The reason of these also related to their growth environment. They were born in a family that can easily satisfy their material requirement but did not give enough education of the goal of their life. They did not need to worry or consider about financial support, so they did not have simple goal such as “Ok, I need to earn money”. Then without any guide, they also did not have any big view of goal such as “I want to …” or “there are some problems of this world that I want to change”. Compared to other children, they normally would not have a strong wish a goal. In addition, their parents simply gave them financial and material support but never taught them how to use money correctly and meaningfully. I think their family education caused the fact that they did not have strong understanding on personally life goal and social responsibility.

Success family communication

       Although there were some negative examples of international students that impacted by the failure of Chinese family education, some students were still success in their life. I have to say that over-indulging can also has some positive influents that can prompt the development of children’s independent thinking ability. Some people in the new generation can have correct life direction understand the current Chinese family education.


IPhone 6 advertisement on Chinese market

       In the advertisement of apple, since the girl began to use IPhone 6, she has found out a new method that can help her play music for her grandmother even she was not at home. She stored the music in the phone before she went abroad to study so that her grandmother can listen to her favorites music even without her assistance. I think this maintained that a part of person in our generation that have ability of creatively, and they would like to use their ablatives to show love for their family members.

The girl used her own ability to take care of her family. Based on the video, we can easily understand that her family never gave her any guide on personal value or society communication. She learned from her observation of daily life and caught family members’ facial expression changes to conjecture their emotion. We can conclude that limited restriction of Chinese family communication can help students have a strong self-learning ability. They can understand the world through their own observation and thinking. When we discuss an object, we need consider about the both sides. While Chinese family education cause some negative effect for children, it also gave some positive influence to them. Since family never tied the development direction of children, they can found their own way by themselves. When they understand they should have responsibility to their family, they will hold this opinion in their mind. Because no one has said some guides like “Oh, that is worry” to them. They can a free space to think, to feel, and to conclude. Every idea in their mind will never be affected, either the worry ideas, or the correct ideas. Then hopefully, if a student realized more correct ideas then worry ideas, they can bigger contribution to community and society. In short, we cannot provide rejection that Chinese family gave children a free-space to grow. In some cases, no education is the best education.


       Chinese International students, a special foreign community that lives in the United States, are good target that can be used to discuss about the impact of Chinese family education. Since children leave their family to a place that have a long distance with family, we can clearly understand what they learn from their family. Or, we can learn from their self-conclusion and introspection of the past few years. In media that describe this target community can basically give us some information even through they still have some bias on the real facts.


Chinese One-Child Policy

       Because of the only-child policy, in the recent decades, people in China have fed their children on a more conservative way. Protection has become the key word for Chinese family communication and education. In 2000s, many sociologists discussed about the crisis brought from the policy. The whole family paid all of their attention to children and hope to gave them the best. They try to fulfill every wish of their children as possible as they can. However, “Families may act in an overprotective way with their only child, thus, hindering his or her normal development of personality” (Lin, 2001) Children cannot understand how to live in a correct meaningful way. The information from their growth environment may make them think money can come easily without hardworking, or family care should naturally come to them.


Cartoon that truly describe the recent family hierarchy

“In fact, due to the overwhelming attention they receive at home, some single-children might even appear to be more emotionally secure and confident” (Chen, 2003). Children growth from this family would be more argumentativeness because their opinion stands at an important position during some family discussion. In short, blinding protection from families makes lack of guidance on the development of personality and self-centered.

In addition, the traditional way on communication can also be a death-wound of family education. Parents usually implicitly express their concern to their children, which is hard to help children to found out by themselves.

As an example, this is a common phenomenon reported on both US Daily and Chinese newspaper. Many parent take care of their children as best as they can. However, after that, their children did not understand any information from it, or even he would not said thank you for his mother.


A photo on newspaper: a mom helps her child wear pants

       Fortunately, Chinese family education contributes on cultivating students’ self-think ability and opinion-discussing ability. Yang Huang claimed, “those norms, for example, are encouraging participation in the decision-making process, supporting constructive disagreement, facilitating the expression of emotions, feelings” (2010). Children may benefit from the family education that hold a strong personal opinion and ability to make decision.


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    What an interesting topic of how Chinese one-child policy impacts Chinese international students! I now see that one-child policy has a big impact on how Chinese parents educate their own children on basic survival skills; I see and hear the problems of how parents overprotecting their children on the media, and I couldn’t understand the reason. It is true that this also ties into the cultural concept of how people communicate which you have brought up in your article; people from high-context culture tend to speak about deeper meanings unlike low-context cultures which need to say everything out loud. I think that’s also partially the reason why Chinese children are confused in this era. These issues are not talked about explicitly enough. Good Job!

  2. Ixaihyg reading your essay about chinese education made me learn many different things that I never knew or thought off, I didn’t realize that when parents over protect their children from media would be bad. Maybe that your not as knowledgeable as others or try to challenge oneself. Awesome paper!

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