Wealth Gap In China

Haozheng Chen

Popular Culture

May 2016

Wealth Gap In China

  1. Introduction


Nowadays the Economics for China is growing very fast. According to Kenneth Rapoza in Jan 20, 2013, “Over the last 20 years, China has become one of the biggest economies on earth, surpassing Japan and one step behind the United States”. And then according to the BBC News, the China Economies pass the United State become the first place of the biggest economic entity in the earth in 2014. Since the Chinese people started growing rich, there’s a lot problems from the situations. And there’s a lot of different views and also misunderstanding from other people. Every country have the wealth gap and problems with the inequality income.But there’s some difference on the income inequality and wealth gap in China. This post will be displaying the wealth gap from different artifacts that can represent the poor and rich level of people in China.



  1. Artifacts

“Ultra-Rich Asian Girls” is a TV show that have two seasons, and those girls are just recording their normal lifestyle which is luxury life for most of the people. Most people will think about they are flaunting wealth. For example, they got a million dollar house is the same as most of us got a new shoes or a new phone. This TV shows series are basically talking about the girls that were growing up in a wealthy family, and how they are trying to start their own careers since they are already one or more steps ahead of most of the people.

ultrarichasiangirls_2_header - 副本

Since there are already have some of the similar shows about wealthy people such as Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and Shahs of Sunset. This is the TV shows that’s majorly focus on a group of wealthy Chinese people and how they are different from other similar shows. It’s the TV shows not just about wealthy and it could be the one that’s reflecting how people came from the mainland China and being success only in the last 20 – 30 years. Also for flaunting wealth, it’s the most controversial thing nowadays. Being in the free North America, you have your choices to be poor, rich or middle class. You have your own freedom to look for what you want. But equality should be one of the main point in the show, we couldn’t just judge them because of they are way wealthier than most of us. They basically just living their normal life. The values concept between us and them are totally different.


I think money, wealthy people and luxury lifestyle are the best tools for getting attention from audience. Also for the characters that’s using in the TV shows are very good since they all using those good looking females that is actually from rich family. For the TV shows that might makes the audience think that the Chinese is very rich and wealthy. Those girls in the TV shows are getting a two million house very easy as most of us getting a new pair of shoes. I think there will be a lot of people that thinking negative about this TV show because they are thinking they are flaunting wealth, and they are wasting money. And those characters are using the resources they born with to start their own careers will make the audience jealous, Because those resources could make them one or more steps before most of the people in the world. It also could remind the audience that who makes those people have this kind of luxury life. The struggles and tough life behind the screen of the first generation to become rich is so hard. Those success story of how the Chinese immigrants can not have but exceed in the economic growth from the past 30 years.


According to Damian Grammaticas in China’s Ever Widening Wealth Gap, “’I’ve seen rich people, on TV, living in nice houses, driving fancy cars,’ he says a grin exposing his missing teeth. ‘I dream about having that kind of life. But i know it’s just a dream.’”. This farmer just having a government pension of $8 a month and some other revenue from selling the occasional calf or pig. The richest places in China have average incomes at over $10,000 a year now. But the average incomes are $2000 in GuiZhou, there’s even less for the areas that’s far away from city. A lot of people are live below the poverty line. But there is some people in the richest cities are drinking $3000 wine and eating $10000 dinner. The poorest people work so hard for a year only worth the wine that the rich people, or elite people normally drink in the dinner. That’s so broken for the wealth gap in China. Also being rich just a dream for those poor people because they don’t even have a chance to reach the rich level. They can’t even leave the village.



It have the poor people facts and low quality life style at the beginning. So most of the audience will be touch by that. And then the rich and elite people’s high quality life style was given. Hence, through the comparison it can increase the feeling of the audience.  At the end of the artifact It have the solution for the gap between the rich and poor people in China. The government has been working and pushing the level of people. Therefore, I think it’s a very good news and artifact. For the views of this article, different people could have different views. Some people might think that the government has doing nothing for those poor people and they are so grieved for them. There are some other opinions that thinking the government did their best since the population in China is huge. And the period of development for China only about 40 years. Also some of them will think that the development of economics are unhealthy, since there are still a lot of people are under the basic living line.


  1. Reference

Those artifacts are very good on showing the wealth gap in Chinese people. There’s people in Midland China; and immigrant that comes from Hongkong and Midland China lives in North America. Those are very good sources to compare and getting information from. The possible questions that can bring up could be the government policy on the helping the gap of wealth, and the inequality income of people. The Lopsided development fact in China that makes the wealth gap more worse since poor people are being more poorer because of the inflation and the rich people are getting more richer. How they are a lot of different between people live in North America and the Mainland China. The freedom to being who you want to be and choose the individual task of yourself could be better to change from poor to rich. But I think everybody should be treated as an individual and being the same respect to everyone. No matter of the background, the race, and the sexual orientation. People should be open-minded with rich people and respect to the poor people. And then keep growing the economic more healthier way.












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3 thoughts on “Wealth Gap In China

  1. Hey Haozheng,

    It seems you did a great improvement from your draft. I am glad to see the processing of development of your paper. You add the pictures and video to your final post that made the paper more interesting, and attracted audiences’ eyeball. In addition, you had improved your thesis statement, and made it more clarified and specific. I remembered that you had an ambiguous thesis in your draft, and you just pointed out the wealth gap in the communism countries, not a specific country which you want to talk about in your paper; however, you modified your thesis statement in your final post that is good. I really like your two pictures which are related to your topic; one is a picture in which a old man push a cart with full of cardboard went through a international brand retail store; another one is a picture in which a man drove the fully laden motorcycle, and his side is a red Ferrari. I think these two pictures do reflect a large degree of Chinese unequally income, and they are also a true portrait of China economy. Overall, thanks for your insight and sharing!

    Great Post!

  2. Hello Haozheng,

    I think your post is very interesting to look at. The wealth gap is a very important issue that needs to be solve. Although the wealth gap issue is severe in China, there’s nothing wrong with being poor or rich, both social status needs to be equally respected. I also watched the Ultra Rich Asian Girl video that you attached. It was a very interesting yet a very unrealistic type of living. These girls are fortunate enough to be born in a rich family that they have nothing else to worry about. They can afford to spend thousands of dollars to have a party in a hotel penthouse, yet there are also people who are starving to death. I think this is a very worth deep thinking comparison.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hi Haozheng,

    You did a great job compare to your draft! The topic you choose is very interesting since income inequality is one of the greatest challenge we as a human face all over world. China as a rapidly developed countries has a lot problems in terms of wealth gap. I like the picture of old lady in front of Louis Vuitton because it is very powerful. I’ve heard of this reality show Ultra-rich Asian Girl, but this is first time I actually watch the clip. I think reality show as a media has to have some kind drama in it, such as drinking 95 Chateau Latour with a straw; this is type of dramatic aspect that kind keeps the audiences wanting to watch the show. However, I think it is kind true, I personally know some people behave just like that. Overall, I think you did a great post.



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