Millennials and Music in Popular Culture

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2 thoughts on “Millennials and Music in Popular Culture

  1. Hi there,
    It’s interesting to know that someone else is similar to me, even though the genre we listen to is different. Music is a huge part in my life and I can say it helps to shapes me become the person I am today. However, the essay focuses a bit too much on the experience, without much primary sources to back up. You are for sure is on a good track, just need a bit more research and I think it will be fine. Keep it up!

  2. @sloanrodarte, great topic! It is definitely somethings the majority of the class can relate to. I really enjoyed the fact you described and explained the influences of music in this day and age. We do not stop to think that music is an entire culture on its own that we belong to, and as millennials I think it is important that we make that connection. It is true that we are the future and the things that we do will effect us and generations to come, it may be hard to break the stigma of the millennial generation but it is never too late.

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