The Importance of Brotherhood

Brotherhood is a very important part of a male’s life. Without brotherhood, there would be a lack of direction in life. Also, with life without brotherhood, there would be a lack of motivation and problem solving

All of those things lead me to the question on why is brotherhood so important? I will answer that question by analyzing 3 forms of media. The first one is the movie Brother Bear, the second is the song Big Brother by Kanye West, and the last a movie called Boyz N’ The Hood. By analyzing these forms of media, I will be able to explain how important brotherhood is.

Brotherhood is a very important in a male’s life. Brotherhood can start all the way back when you are playing on the playground with your friends while you were a toddler. When we are young we are so eager to learn and test out new things and the people who show us things are our parents, siblings and friends. These people represent a teacher for males throughout life. At a young age there is a few main things that are very important to learn from your family and friends, and that is how to interact with people which leads us to learning equality and fair treatment.

The first form of media, I will discuss is the movie Brother Bear, which was released by Disney in 2003. Brother Bear is a movie directed by Aaron Blaise. The purpose of this movie is to make other people see how things are from another perspective. During the movie Kenai and his brother seek to kill a bear, but things go wrong and the bear kills Kenai’s brother Sitka. After that Kenai tracks down the bear and kills it, but the spirits didn’t like his ruthless acts, and turned him into a bear to see things from another perspective and learn the aspects of brotherhood. When Kenai turns into a bear, he meets a little bear named Koda. He sees how hard and scary his life is, so he tries to
protect the little bear from the humans and get help from him to turn back into a human.


One scene in the beginning of the movie is the concept of how Kenai went from hating bears, to loving them because he learned and was put in the shoes (paws) of a bear and realized how hard their life was. The reason why this stuck out to me is because there is a saying that you should never judge a book by its cover, which is similar to Kenai’s feeling for bears.

Another scene in this movie is at the end of the movie when Kenai changed back to a human. He didn’t want to leave Koda, because he felt like his brother would be angry at him for loving the animal that killed him, but his brother came to him as a spirit and told him that he won’t be angry if he goes back to a bear or stays a human, he will always be his brother. This stuck out to me because he is saying through all of the things that happen, at the end of the day, I still love you. This is very important because throughout Kenai’s journey, he went through all of these negative situations, and grew from them.

Throughout this movie Kenai went through a lot of of hardships with his older brother and Koda the cub. All of these hardships and negative situations strengthened the relationship between Kenai, Sitka, and Koda. During this movie all of the characters had some type of hardship, but the way of making it through the hardship is sticking together with your brothers.


The second form of media that I analyzed is the song Big Brother by Kanye West from the Graduation album (2007). Big brother is a song created by Kanye West. The purpose of this song is to explain the hardships that brotherhood comes with and how a brotherhood outside of a family functions.

The relationship between Jay Z and Kanye go all the way back to 2000 when Jay Z’s record label Roc-A-Fella Records hired Kanye as a producer. When Kanye was on the record label, he produced a song on Beanie Sigel The Truth album in 2000, which left the founders in awe, which led to Kanye to produce one of Jay Z’s greatest songs, “This Can’t Be Life”, which started the brotherhood between Jay Z and Kanye West.

Throughout this song there is lots of interesting lines. The first line that stuck out to me is when Kanye talks about how he was so excited to show Jay Z  “He could change your life with all these beats I did, at least let him hear it, At least you can brag to ya friends back at the gig, but he got me out me out my momma crib, then he help me get my momma a crib’’. This line is very important because Kanye is thanking Jay Z for getting helping him make enough money to move out of his mom’s house, then overtime get his mother a new house by making music.

Another interesting line about this song is when he was talking about how his big brother (Jay Z) made him sit back and learn from him, which made Kanye angry, which turned into motivation for him. “Big brother got his show up at Madison Square And I’m like “Yeah, yeah, we gon’ be there” but not only did I not get a chance to spit it Carline told me I could buy two tickets, I guess big brother was thinkin’ a little different And kept little brother at bay, at a distance but everything that I felt was more bogus, Only made me more focused..” This line explains how Jay Z was hard on Kanye and didn’t want to give him the fame immediately, he wanted to show him how things were, and slowly bring him into the spotlight, so he will be a stringer artist, and know how things work at the higher level.


The third form of media that I analyzed is the movie Boyz N’ The Hood. Boyz N The Hood was released in 1991. John Singleton the producer, had a belief for Boyz N The Hood that it would give a look on how it is to grow up in South Central Los Angeles with violence and nothing but doubt. Another belief that he had for this movie is that it would teach people to be there for each other in the time of need. The last belief that the director had was that the movie would show how important family and friends are. With these four friends, the only thing they had is each other, and throughout their lives, they created a bond and a brotherhood.

One scene that stuck out is at the beginning of the movie when the older kids on the block stole Doughboy’s little brothers ball. Doughboy approached the older kid who took the ball and demanded his brother’s ball back. When he didn’t get the ball back, he kicked the older kid in the back of the leg, and then he was pushed down and beat up. Although he lost the fight, his little brother saw the sacrifice and love from him, which made their connection stronger.

Another scene in the movie is when Doughboy’s brother Ricky got shot and he felt like he lost everything. He had no father, no brother, and his mother wasn’t around. While he was telling his best friend Tre all of these things, he is starting to tear up because he felt like he is alone. As he gets up and walks away, Tre says “You still have one brother left”. This was a very important scene during the movie because they aren’t brothers by blood, but by all of the things that they have been through together, they are just as close as blood brothers.


Having that person there for you when you grow up is a very crucial part in life. The reason why is because they can help lead you and help you through life step by step. They also help give you direction in life to be successful and without that sort of mentorship/leadership, you will be oblivious to life. Without brotherhood, you will be walking into a world unknown.


One learning moment that I have this year is during week 2. There was an article about how Muslim women re portrayed in society post 9/11 era. This article stood out to me because it really shows how people act towards Muslims, and how horrible it is. The way that I learned from this article is to never judge a book from its cover. What I mean by that is that I will never label a Muslim person as a terrorist or threat to society.

Another learning moment that I had during this course is during week four when we were talking about primary sources. I chose a commercial that was with the cosmetics company Axe. In this commercial they talk about to be a man you have to have abs, have good looking hair, and be muscular. All this does is put out a negative stereotype, and make people think that to be a man you have to have all of those attributes, which is not true. This situation teaches me to always look at the little things in commercials and see what the message is. Another thing this teaches me is that lots of companies in their advertisements will say anything just to get their product sold.


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  1. Malik,

    Your post is different than what others wrote, which is why I kept on reading. I totally agree with Brotherhood being a very important of a males life. You clearly have evidence and analyzed them with showing how important brotherhood is in the movie “Brother Bear” and the relationship between Kanye and JayZ. Brotherhood is extremely important as it provides with the ability to closely communicate, understand each other and to have someone that provides you with the help in those desperate times.

  2. Your three example show very different takes on Brotherhood and highlights how important this family contact can be in a variety of situations. My mind went to the China ‘one-child’ policy and how it would be impossible to have a brother for most people (though they still have cousins and what-not) and also the meaning of brotherhood as a way we should aspire to in our person-to-person interactions. Your examples show not only familial brotherhood, but brotherhood as a special bond between two people. Having brothers and having been in the military, I really identify with what your saying and think you’ve summarized this identity in fresh and interesting way.

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