Effects of Media on Teens

Media is a huge part of society today and will continue to increase. There is no doubt that media has given us more opportunities and success, but at the same time it comes with its side effects. Technology and media can be very addicting especially due to the constant easy access to todays teens who have a tv, smartphone, tablet, and game console. Today teens are staying indoors and playing video games or scrolling through social media rather than going outside to be active and social. With the constant use of technology and media more and more teens are starting to mature too early, become depressed, and lack social skills.

I want to spread the knowledge of effects of media on teens and give my personal insight from what I have seen and experienced growing up since I am now a young adult. I have seen and compared how children are raised compared to my generation and I have seen how different generations of teens have acted. I have noticed that with all this new technology parents are resulting to it in order to discipline their kids or get them to calm down when they are out in public. This is causing the kids to be dependent on technology and without it they don’t know how to act or have proper manners. Another thing I have seen is that with teens they are starting to disrespect their elders more and more and even trash properties that they get to use such as bathrooms and schools.

Teens are getting addicted to social media and technology which is coming with some side effects such as depression and sleep deprivation. Kids are staying up late and not getting enough sleep during their prime years of growing and are causing problems for their future selves. Another problem with being addicted to media is that they are constantly on social media getting pumped full of information that may or may not be true. With this there are people out there in the world that are posting fake news on purpose in order to get a laugh out of people or just for their own fun and it is hard to spot the fake news. In the pamphlet I have included the link to a website that teaches you the basics of the SIFT technique which helps you determine if the information is true or not. Along with this you can see catfishing or even cyber bullying due to people hiding behind the screen and doing whatever they feel like.

Overall teens are getting more and more addicted to technology and media and the world is becoming more and more dependent on it which is going to have some health side effects in the future. The main effects are depression and sleep deprivation which is not good for health. Technology is both good and bad, but the world needs to be aware of these problems and assess what could happen in the future if this keeps up.

I have put together a pamphlet that explains the main issues with media and its effects on teens and all includes some statistical data that will make you think differently about your teen using media and technology. Feel free to read or even access and print to display for others to learn more about it. Also follow the links to find out more facts that may help you.

Pamphlet: file:///C:/Users/Ryon/Documents/Sinq/Final%20Project.pdf