Album Covers Through Jazz

For my final action project I decided to further my research on my identity as a Jazz musician and expand on my appreciation for the artwork that came alongside the music through a journal. I was prompted to do this when revisiting John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing” as the advertisements displayed in the 1970 video reminded me of vinyl covers of Jazz music from the same time. I had concerns regarding the sheer amount of monumental albums for both music and for the artwork sake, but when researching the artists and musicians found many albums were found on both lists. I really enjoyed researching the personnel as well as the designers of the albums as I found a lot of shared personnel I was unaware of. This coincided with my Looking Into The Pop Culture Mirror assignment as it provided insight into the local jazz ecology at the time.

Below is a link to the journal as a pdf-

If the PDF cannot be opened here is the project as a google drive link as well-