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I am a finance major here at Portland State and love to hike!

Social Media Impact in 2020

Social Media Impact 

Social media is everywhere in 2020. If you ask a random person on the street if they have a smartphone in their pocket with either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, the odds are, they say yes. People often argue if it is wrong or right. Below is a small list of pros and cons to understand both sides. 

Benefits of Social Media: 

  • World wide connections
  • Keep in contact with distant relatives
  • Get inspired
  • Receive information fast 
  • Brings brand awareness to small companies

Downfalls of Social Media:

  • Bullying
  • A false representation of reality
  • Fake news
  • Waste time 
  • Less human interaction

Examples of Each

Connection: I can build a friendship with someone who lives in England and eventually travel there one day to meet them.

Keep in contact: It is hard when family lives in a different state. My half brother’s step sister created a Facebook group with our family to be able to keep up with her fast-growing little boys. 

Get inspired: this is what I use social media for most. Seeing other people strive for excellence keeps me motivated to be a better person. 

Receive information fast: Currently, information about the coronavirus every day has been able to make people aware of updates and steps they should take in order to stay safe. 

Brand Awareness: Most businesses are brought up by seeing ads on TV or through influencers’ social media. When celebrities post about a product, many people want to buy it because they trust the source and want to be more like them. This brings sales to companies. 

Bullying: It is easy to hate on people over the media. By the touch of a button, you can send a very cruel message. Those words hurt people in a big way. 

False representation: Not everyone is as happy as they look in their pictures. It can often make us feel like we are the only ones feeling sad and down. 

Fake news: Fake news is everywhere. Media makes stuff up just to get a reaction. Don’t believe everything you see. 

Waste of time: often, I find myself scrolling through Instagram and not be able to stop. I will stay up till 2am rather than getting the sleep I need. 

Less human interaction: Media forces us to talk through a screen rather than in person. This can cause miscommunication. 

Growing up, I was always taught to be myself. When I was younger social media wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now. Now looking back, I can notice a considerable attitude change when I got my first type of social media app, which was Instagram. I remember being twelve years old, scrolling through the feed wishing I was as pretty as the models and celebrities I could see through my phone. As the years went on, I got more and more down on myself for not being the picture-perfect person I thought I had to be. Here’s the thing I didn’t know: not everything on the internet is true. Most posts by celebrities are heavily edited. Below I will compare my Instagram to Kylie Jenner. 

What is the difference?

Kylie Jenner is one of the most known young women in the world. Her social media platform is heavily influenced by what people want to see. In order to keep or increase her 164 million followers, she must post things that grab attention. I tend to post things that matter to me the most, including my fitness studio, friends, and skiing. In all Kylie’s posts, she seems to be posing and not have a smile on her face. I post pictures that I am genuinely happy in. We can also notice that all her photos are very edited. 

Why does this matter? 

After assessing both Instagrams, it is evident that we are two completely different people. It is easy to slip into the thought that we have to look perfect in every photo because our icons do. The false reality of social media can cause depression and self-doubt. Kylie could be going through a tough time, but we would never know because her social media looks so perfect. It is essential to teach our younger generations that it is okay not to be perfect. Let them know the only important thing is to strive to be the best version of yourself. Do what makes you truly happy and share those real raw moments with others.