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Fathers in America. Dummy or Just Dad?

Fathers aren’t always dummies, although we have our moments, movies and television shows over exaggerated and glamorize their antics and behaviors. I myself am a father of two girls. I can relate to fathers in pop culture because what happens to them does happen to me. It doesn’t happen everyday, but I have made a crude comment that would get some laughs and I have slipped, fallen and hurt myself. On the show Home Improvement, Tim Allen ends up in the emergency room so often that they know him by name and he knows what the caferia is serving on any given day. He constantly is screwing things up, but he has his own T.V. show. Each day of his life is a new and exciting adventure or at least that is what we see. No man lives his life like this, but they have had moments like this in their own lives. They can relate, therefore causing; interest, amusement and entertainment.


Why are fathers portrayed as bumbling idiots? My view of a father growing up was someone who was responsible and took care of his family. He was smart, educated and generally a friendly person. Is that too boring for people? In Hanna Rosin’s article, The Evolution of The Doltish Dad, she talks about the rules of fatherhood and how they are changing. A man can be unemployed and stay at home. He is smart enough to handle school lunches, pick ups and drop offs as well as being a loving husband. Is it now being played out on T.V. and the movies because that is what is accepted in society now? Michael Keaton became a stay at home Dad in the 1983 movie Mr. Mom. He didn’t know how to do laundry, cook or clean and couldn’t find his way through a grocery store. All be it funny and amusing, I am quit certain most men are capable of taking care of the home while his wife is at work. This clip I found on YouTube that should shed some light on his character. It also supports the idea of the Doltish Dad character as well as show that a father is strong in mind and can take care of his family.

Mr. Mom Tribute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIkHMGxyN34


I watch this show Life in Pieces. It is a multi-generational family that lives within the same community. The characters include newly weds, first time parents, children and grandparents. This show plays on some of the funny antics as for mentioned. However it is modern, keeps up with pop culture trends and introduces social media into fatherhood.It shows successful fathers but still with that goofy edge that we have seen in my other examples.


Conculsion: I am glad to see that fathers in popular culture are being seen as successful members of a family. Despite the humor they provide the fact that they are productive in a family setting and support and rear their children shows men are not just idiots and bumbling fools. They are important and their antics are only present for laughs and so other can relate to what they are watching.




Learning Moments: My main learning moments consisted of; the blog and research process, the close to heart subject matter and my classmates feedback and suggestions. It was very helpful to see how others were working through there blog process and it helped me when I was having issues with my thesis statement. Through my research process I wanted to focus mainly on the movies and television. I did however find articles that helped me personally for the enrichment of me being a better father. I found it interesting to read and learn about what others thought about being a father as well.












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