About terayray

Hello, Hi, Xin Chao, my name is Teresa Pham. Sometimes my last name is hungry and my first name is always. I am a first-generation Biology (Pre-Medicine) Major Student at Portland State University. Pineapples and corgis are my obsession. I think pineapples are the king of all fruits because they are so versatile. They can go on pizzas and fried rice for that sweet and savory combo, and they have health benefits also. Corgis are my favorite breed of dog of all time. I love how their legs are short, they're fluffy, and they're fat. In my free time, I like to spend it watching anime with friends, playing League of Legends, and Yu-gi-oh. I am the oldest sibling of two. My passion is to pursue a Ph.D. and become a Pediatrician. I'm the type of person to look at the positivity in all things and people. Instead of thinking of all the things that can go wrong, I became one of the people who look at how they go right. Our minds are powerful, and when life is filled it with positivity, life naturally becomes positive. Thinking about positive thoughts will make positive things happen. I am honestly proud of myself for making it this far into schooling with the help of my College Possible coaches. I am proud of myself. I am my own cheerleader and critic. At the end of the day, no apologies or regrets because life happens for a reason.